Friday, February 10, 2017

Kiowa Warrior #2 WIP

Disaster struck when I was trying to glue a rare earth magnet onto this Kiowa Warrior. This was the one whose Hellfire missile rack fell off. Well, the other rack fell off, the rotor broke off (at right of the chopper) and the landing skids got all bent out of shape. Morale of the story, glue the magnet one long before you complete the model.

So, I decided to make my own weapons pylons. Those at the two white things sticking off of the bottom of the chopper's body. I made them out of thin styrene.

The right one is going to get a cylindrical rocket launcher; the left will be a 50 cal machine gun. For some reason, the machine guns are required to be on the left side on a Warrior. The missile launcher will be easy to make. It probably won't be perfectly to scale, but I'm not overly picky about that. The machine gun might be another issue. Some are contained within a pod, but I am planning to have it exposed:
I am not sure how I will do the ammo feed. Also, the only free Browning 50 cals I have are from C-in-C. They are ok, but the barrels are a little spindly. Even if they are more in scale, I'd rather have a GHQ machine on it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mr. Surfacer

I waited about a month for this stuff to get here. I think it came directly from Japan. A lot of folks on my various Facebook groups have been using it as a primer. I have bottle of the Mr. Surfacer 500, but that is more for gap filling. The higher number equals thinner stuff. As much as I prefer spray primers, it's been difficult lately to go out and spray things and I am really not that crazy about Gesso. This might be a better option for a brush on primer.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Kiowa Warrior

During my search for the missing painted up infantry units, I found this guy and his brother primed and sitting in a storage drawer. His bro had his Hellfire missile rack broken off, so he is still unpainted. It's from GHQ.

These are designated for the Federal Republic of Gambusia. Not sure why they would have them, but I've already painted them in the FRG's standard aviation color of Vallejo Green Brown. I really like this color and if I had paid attention to it earlier, I would have used it for Southern Chalupastan. But alas, I am not going to strip battalions of tanks and APCs. It was ugly enough doing it for about 18 APCs.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Article on Technicals

I found this interesting article on Technicals and their tactics on  the Modern Warfare group Facebook site.  Worth a look:

Technical Notes: A Primer

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Test Shots

I am pretty tired of taking pictures of my figures on my workbench, so I set up a photography station using some work lamps and LED bulbs based on a member of the Facebook 6mm miniatures group. Initially, I had a white cloth backdrop, but the picture came out too yellow. I bought sheet medium grey cloth that seemed to work a little better. I think the type of bulbs are what give the pictures a yellow hue. Here are some test shots using various 15mm fantasy figures.

Essex Late Medieval with sculpted shield
The knight above was photographed with the white dropcloth as a background. Both he and background have a yellow hue to it.

Same background but I color corrected it. This is  much what it naturally looks like, except it seems like it was a little desaturated.

Ral Partha Lady Paladin
Here is another with a white background. Again, color corrected.

Below are photos taken with the grey dropcloth. I did use the color correction mode in Photoshop, but differences were not nearly as dramatic.

Demonworld magic user

Essex fantasy foot knight

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Short and the Tall

I'm about done painting all the vehicles for the Federal Republic of Gambusia's army. Their arsenal includes both the French AML H-90 and the British Staghound III armored cars. When I put them side by side, the AML was pretty dinky compared to the Staghound.

But apparently, the AML is very small:

Source: Thomas Webber II
 whereas the Staghound is rather large:
Source: Thomas Webber II
It was describe to me by a member of the Facebook 6mm Wargaming and Terrain Group as, "The Staghound was a wheeled tank, the AML was a turret on an armoured jeep."

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mayhem on the Painting Table

School starts Tuesday, so I've been trudging away at syllabi. Last week, I had a game of Blood Bowl with my friend Will. For a Games Workshop game, I enjoyed it. He is wanting to put together a league. I am not sure if I can play every week, but I am seriously thinking of giving it a go.

The big blizzard that was supposed to hit us hard turned out to be not as back as it could have been. With nowhere to go and stuck inside, I got a chance to do some painting. I am scrambling to get bunch done for the Federal Republic of Gambusia Defense Force.

The poor Reaper bugbear will have to wait.

Now I have to find where I put all my finished infantry stands! Not where I thought they would be. I found this guy on the floor by my table:

A deserter? I will need to interrogate him to find out where his comrades are!

Additionally, the General ordered all AFVs of the Northern Chalupistan army to change to a new paint scheme (Command Directive 3.1415). This was ordered, no doubt, to make all army vehicles have a similar camo scheme as that of the air force. I never liked the various paint schemes I tried for the Northern army, so I decided to repaint them to parallel the air force. It's a khaki tan with camo stripes of green. BUT, I hate stripping paint, and Simple Green is not living up to its legendary prowess.