Monday, October 8, 2018

Aircraft Maneuver Ratings

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, but Jim, over at Jim's Wargames Workbench has spurred me on. I am compiling ratings on all the aircraft that I use for my games. By ratings, I mean the numbers used in various rules for undergoing maneuvers. Then, I am figuring out the ratings for the two rules that I plan on using, Target Locked On, and Wings At War.

To me, maneuvering is the most esoteric of the various abilities that need to be modeled for a particular set of rules. Some rules use Thrust/Weight ratios, some use Wing Area/Weight ratios known as wing loading, and for others, I have no clue. The data is not as easy to come by as one thinks. There is a web site that has T/W for a number of aircraft, but when I do the calculations for some of the planes, they don't agree. So what I have done is to compile the ratings for maneuvering for a number of rules and then see what the consensus is among them. For example, Saab JAS-39 Gripen has a T/W = 0.93, Wingload = 532, and is rated at maximum maneuverability by both AirWar: C21 and Missile Threat. Therefore, I give the Gripen a maneuver rating of 5 for Target Locked On.

Wings At War is a different story as it uses power ratings, but I am trying to figure that one out too.

The really big challenge in this is for aircraft that are not found in any rules. For example, ratings for  the joint Chinese/Pakistan JF-17 Thunder is not found in any of the rule set I have. For these cases, I just have to compare T/W and wingload for those planes that are listed and estimate from these.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

1/600 Paper Building

I've been trying to make some quick and dirty building for my 1/600 moderns. Here is a paper building I made recently. It is a "proof-of-concept" prototype model to see how I can make them with an arcade. Its pretty simplistic, but I am pretty happy with it and can easily scale it up to 1/300. I have access to Adobe Illustrator, so I can make modifications pretty quickly. The arched openings of the arcade would probably be smoother if I had one of those computer stencil cutters, but for such a small scale, I am not going to be too picky.

Initial build before I added the roof and base.An
Oddzial Osmy BTR-60 is parked outside.

Roof and base added, then quickly painted. The
windows were inked in with a Sharpie pen.

Here is what it looks like next to a 1/285 building, which is a
Mediterranean villa from Gamecraft Miniatures

Monday, September 17, 2018

A Warm Post Over at Irishserb's Miniature Adventrures

I've been following Irishserb's blog for quite some time. He has an engaging ImagiNation campaign going on between two fictional African nations. In addition to that, he has some other gaming activities that he shares that are also good reads.

Recently, he decided to use 1/300 scale minis to play out some bigger battles between his two African nations. In a recent post, he pulls out some rather old model buildings that represent his home town of Steubenville, Ohio. It is one man's walk down memory lane. Not only are the buildings well done, but his narrative really really reflects a love and appreciation for where he grew up.  It is not often do I feel a connection with another gamer's blog post beyond the hobby itself, but this one did and you and I who read it are better for it.

Thanks Irish Serb for sharing with us.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Not What I Expected Part 2 Update

Justice prevails! I guess I'm being a little melodramatic. I got an email this morning from Shapeways who said they were about the mix up and they will print off the 1/600 APCs and send them to me, free of charge. They said nothing about the 40K weapons, so I will keep them. I asked my friend Will who is a major GW fan if he wanted them, but he wasn't interested.

Good show Shapeways for being a good merchant!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Not What I Expected Part 2

Yesterday, I received a much anticipated package from Shapeways. I had ordered some 1/600 aircraft and vehicles. Yes, Shapeway stuff is more expensive than traditional minis, but they make things that others don't, and by others, I mean O8 because they are the only company that makes ground vehicles, particularly modern. So one of the orders was for the South African APCish vehicle, the RG-31 Nyala. Besides the fact that O8 has yet to make them, it was a pretty good deal at about $9 for 12 vehicles.

I got the package and instead of the Nyalas, I got these:

They are some sort of 40K vibroblade thingies with a hand conveniently attached to them. Both the invoice and the label on the plastic bag that they came in said Nyalas. I contacted Shapeways about this, but have not heard back. I have no desire to spend the time nor especially the money to send these things back.

Somewhere out there, there is 40K fanatic straining his eyes to figure out what he got instead of his vibroblades.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Can You Identify Me?

Long story as short as possible. I was rooting around in my big storage box for some 15mm Dark Ages heavy cavalry and came across this guy and seven of his identical brothers:

No horses seem to be associated with them. I would like to get more, but I have no idea who makes or made them. The spear and the softness of the metal screams Essex, but the chainmail does not. Besides Essex, I've looked at Chariot Miniatures and Gladiator Miniatures and have come up empty. If not Essex, my money is on Chariot. It might be a discontinued line. If anyone happens to know, let me know.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Lavonian Air Force

Left to right: Mirage III (Tumbling Dice), Mirage F1 (Tumbling Dice), Saab 37 Viggen (Oddzal Osmy), Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet (Tumbling Dice).

They might get Mirage 2000 and Saab JAS 39 Gripen, but this is the lineup for now.

The color scheme is Krylon Camouflage Army Green spray, followed by Vallejo Flat Green for the camo pattern. The speckles are done with Vallejo Golden Olive. The canopies are a light blue. 

The red middle of the roundels is supposed to have a yellow cross. Until I can figure out to to make it that small, it will stay blank. IT seems that I made them a little bigger than the Bovatopian and Northern Calupistan MIG 21's. Those were test runs. Freehand roundels seems to look better than I thought, especially for 1/600 scale.