Saturday, February 27, 2010

Karl and Bambi completed

So, here's Humankind's last hope against the machines....

Big Karl and Bambi

Karl and his little friend

Bambi showing off her assets

I decided on the desert theme for their bases. Bambi's cactus was make out of sculpy. The first version of it had tiny pin pricks in it to look like where the spines came out. It looked cool, but it got badly burned while baking. So, in my "f--k it!" mood, I just made the second one without them.

Karl's rattlesnake was twisted copper wire. The head was a tiny piece of wood that I glued on. Rattlesnake heads should not be that long, but it popped off a couple of times while I was trying to reduce the length, so, I didn't want to mess with it anymore.

Originally, I was going to glue sand directly onto the base. I tried it but the grains looked too big plus they easily chipped off regardless of what glue I used. So, I used the same technique that I have been using for my 1/300 buildings. A combination of paint and baking soda. I also mixed in a little bit of sand to give it more texture.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Karl and Bambi painted, but.....

.....I have not finished off their bases. Two possibilities:

a. Give them the same slag motif as the terminators.

b. I was thinking of a desert motif. Sand, rocks, shrubs. Maybe
a cactus and/or rattlesnake out of sculpy.

I am leaning toward (b), but have not completely made up my mind.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rise of the (Tiny) Machines...the Fab Five

I finished them off. I added some skulls to give a pizazz. I was going to paint the skulls bone color, but I just painted them white. I then gave a good washing of my acrylic floor wax/black ink mixture, and let dry.

It was a nice sunny day (for once!), so I took the boys out for a photo shoot.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick Pics of Infantry

I thought I'd take some pictures of some Northern Chalupistan infantry:

Two batteries of 120mm mortars

Medium recoilless rifle team

Two D30 122mm howitzer batteries

The figures from the top two pictures are Scotia modern Russian infantry, with French mortars and their "neutral" line of medium recoilless rifles. The D30 122mm howitzers plus crew are from Heroics & Ros modern Russians. Navwar used to make them, but not any more.

I took a lot more pictures than these, but they are pretty bad and no amount of Photoshop magic could save them. My big problem is lighting. The only time I get to take pictures of my minis is at night, and I don't have good lighting for this. These are the three that were the most presentable.