Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Your Taxes at Work

Government Strike Team

After days of desperately trying to cover up the accidental unleashing of the killer robots,the Fugu Corporation knew it needed help from the government. After all, it was a government contract to build the buggers. The government brought in their black-ops unit specializing in this sort of thing. The only team available just got back from a special assignment in central Badguristan and hence, the camo uniforms.


Pistol-armed troopers

Squad leader

These dudes are from eM4 Miniatures line of plastic figures. Their Near Future line comes in metal and plastic. It should be noted that their plastic troopers and not the same as the metal troopers. The metal ones are slightly different and have different, more detailed guns. Plus, the plastic set contains more pistol-armed men than rifle armed. I emailed the owner of eM4 about this, and he told me that the metal ones were more military combat troops whereas the plastic troopers were supposed to be more like police SWAT members. None the less, I am pretty happy with them, plus you can't beat the price. If I were to do it over again, I'd probably swap out their plastic weapons with some metal ones. They will represent another team for my holiday skirmish.

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