Friday, February 4, 2011

1/300 Patrol Boat Project: Part 2

My next step in building the patrol boat was to build the top part of the superstructure which included the bridge. The bridge was a challenge because it flared out at an angle. I built up the superstructure by laminated pieces of cardboard. Like the hull of the boat, I glued on a template, cut out the outline of the template, then glued one layer cardboard on top of another. To cut out the bridge, I used my knuckles as a jig and rested my razor saw against against them at an angle. The picture below is the bottom of the bridge and superstructure:

Here is what it looks like flipped over:

It wasn't perfect, but good enough for government work! To give you a better idea of what is going on, here is what the superstructure looks like with the top part fitted to the bottom:

Other than gluing strips of card stock onto the bridge to represent window frames, the whole thing looks pretty crude.

For the next installment, I will build the radar mast and finish the superstructure.

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