Thursday, March 3, 2011

Space Demons

Here are some shots of Khurasan Miniatures' 15mm Space Demons.

I think they are the best non-Alien aliens in 15mm out there. They have a big variety, and each variety has a number of poses. In fact, they just added more poses to two of their varieties. My only problem is, that like other cool-but-exotic-looking miniatures, I get a bad case what I call "painter's freeze." Painter's freeze is: 1) I can't make up my mind as to how I want to paint them, and 2) I keep feeling that I won't do them justice, especially when I see how other people have painted them. I have a bunch of Scotia-Grendel's Kryomek Aliens that are still waiting to be painted no thanks to painter's freeze.

How did I break through this disturbing psychological block? Nail polish! There are all kinds of metallic colors out there. I have used nail polish before to simulate silk or satin on historical Asian miniatures. I found some cheapo metallic polish. The color of the pictures is not perfect, but it was a blue-green metallic color. I just painted it on straight from the bottle. Try not to be too thick, but make sure it covers. If I buy more space demons, I might try painting them without priming them. Once dry, I very sparingly highlighted some of the raised parts with metallic silver paint and painted the teeth a creme color. Then I sparingly washed them with a mixture of black india ink and Future floor wax. The bases are pennies. The base texture was done with a mixture of sand, burnt umber acrylic paint, and a little wood glue.

Hey! Don't leave your snack wrappers on the floor!

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