Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Light Will Shine Forth

Last week, my light died out on me. I don't think that it was the bulb, but the light itself. It seems like it has a short in it because it kept going off and then coming back on. At first, it was once in awhile, but finally it got to the point where it was doing it constantly. This was not my first light. My original light was an old workhorse, probably from the 1950s, that was my uncle's when he was a professional graphic artist. It still works well, but it has one of those c-clamp bases, and I can't attach it firmly to my new table. This one that died on me is something that my wife bought at a garage sale. It didn't give as much light as old workhorse, but it did the job.

I've always wanted one of those OttLights. They are supposed to be superior to a regular desk lamp. They seemed to have come down a little in price since the last time I inquired, so I thought that it was upgrade time. I wanted the Better Vision Crane desklamp, but Office Depot only sold the Spin and Store lamp. Its probably just as good, but the crane lamp seems a little more maneuverable. I'm not sure how much they charge at other stores, but the Spin and Store was about $10 less than what the OttLight company is charging online. There was also one at Office Depot called the Vero Table lamp, whose bulb is twice as long as both the crane lamp and the one I got, but is arm just pivots up and down. I don't think would have delivered the light that I needed. We shall see how well the one I bought works.

On the subject of lighting, what kind of light do you use to work on minis? I was going to post this question on TMP, but I'm too lazy. Well, back to grading final exams!


  1. I just use a cheap flexible neck desk lamp with an energy saving bulb. I try to paint in daylight mostly now though.. It always shows up things you didn't see under artificial light. Or at least it does for me ;)

  2. Most of the time, I paint at night. I've been using a simple incandesent desk lamp as a quick fix, but the light is way too harsh. Also, I don't have very good lighting behind me, so much of the figure that is facing me is in shadow. I remember reading on TMP some old postings on lighting. Several people said that they used a strong light behind them.