Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rock My World

Well that was interesting.

I've been through several tornadoes, but today I experienced my first earthquake. The epicenter was in northern Virginia and had a 5.9 magnitude. I was sitting in my office when I started hearing a low rumble. At first, I thought it was the air conditioning system acting up, or maybe a freight train was especially loud, but then I felt a shaking. I looked over and all of my fish specimens that are in jars were doing a little dance on my shelves. Something told me that this was an earthquake. It lasted for maybe five minutes. Some people in my office felt it, some did not.

I hope that there was little damage.


  1. Stay safe Chris, and make sure your wargaming stuff isn't placed on a high shelf!

  2. Thanks!

    Actually, a lot of it is, but it would take a lot more than what we got to knock it off the shelves.