Sunday, May 20, 2012

Border Crossing Part 2: Compound Completed

This weekend, I had planned to have a sci-fi skirmish game. Although my order of starship crew from Splintered Light Miniatures came in, I didn't get beyond priming them. I did, however, get a big chunk of my border crossing done, namely the compound that has the customs office and watchtower.  In the previous post, I had completed the two structures (custom's house and watchtower), and I build the fence. I then painted the fence and lightly painted the base:

As I said in the previous post, I wanted a chain link fence, but settled for this. I then added barbwire around the top of the fence:

I made them by coiling very thin wire around a small drill bit and then trimming it to size. The big pain was gluing it to the top of the fence. Most of the time, more stuperglue was on my fingers than on the fence! The results ain't pretty, but it will due fine at a distance. Once done, I finished the ground cover by adding some fine-grit acrylic paste. I just dabbed it here and there. Once dry, I painted most of the ground brown and a path sandstone.  I then mixed up a little black paint with some Future floor finish and painted both the ground and the fence. Finally, I painted the ground with some flat finish and added a little flocking here and there.

Once all was dry, I glued the house and watchtower to the base:

The custom's office is now open for business:

WW2 Germans pay a call on the custom's office

Stay tuned for part 3. I hope to finish things up with a small guard house complete with gate.

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  1. The Customs House is awesome! You did a very good job with that.