Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some Friends of Karl's and Bambi's

I finished several more biker gang members for the multi-player, post-apocalyptic skirmish game that I keep planning to have some Christmas holiday. I don't know if its me, or the figures, or both, but my painting skills have really gone down the tubes!  Compared to Karl and Bambi, they didn't come out that well.

First up is Zeke:

Zeke is the gang's mechanic. More muscle than brains. He was a heroclix henchman that I repainted.

Next is Gabby:

Gabby is a reluctant member of the gang. The gang found her wandering the desert, the lone survivor of a Greyhound bus that was attacked by sinister forces. She is often scared of the events that occur but manages to fight her way out of things. I didn't intend for her to look freaked out, but it seems to fit her. Again, another heroclix

Last is Caleb:

Caleb is the self-appointed leader of the gang. He speaks few words, but there is a mystic-like aura about him that makes everyone obey his orders. Originally, Karl was the leader, but Caleb's arrival changed all that. Secretly, Karl would jump at the chance to usurp him, but knows he holds too much sway over the gang. Even Bambi seems memorized by his words.

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