Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and happy winter solstice! I hope I've covered everyone.

I had a different on this year. Due to my wife's new job, she has to work tomorrow. She had tried to get one extra day off, but it was a big no.  I suppose I shouldn't be annoyed at that, but I am. So, we went up to Chicago for a rather abbreviated holiday celebration. Sunday we celebrated Christmas. Yesterday, we drove back home. It was also different in that this is the first without my father. It didn't totally hit me until I was rummaging through some old storage shelves in my basement and came across the linoleum blocks that my dad craved for block printing Christmas cards.  There were six of them, including one where I had did the design for (it was the worst of the bunch). I wanted to take them home, but I decided to wait until I return in the summer.

Once again, there was no holiday wargame that I keep planning for. But at least this time, I could justify it. There was very little time to do much of anything. I didn't even bother to connect up with Karl (the General). Again, I will shoot for the summer for that one. Besides Karl, my daughter, and my nephews, I might invite my sister's boyfriend to play. I does not seem like the type, but who knows.

So, may all of you who read my blog have a peaceful, joyous holiday. May you get some gaming in, too.

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