Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Have a Plan...

No, I'm not going to build a large wooden rabbit with wheels. I do, however, have a new project for the new year.  I plan on  running some super-small test games, hopefully with Will but solo if I must, to compare the various modern combat rules that I've currently accumulated. To make a final call on what I am going to use for my fictional campaign.

You're probably saying, "well, duh...haven't you done that already?"

I will then answer, ", I haven't," and then proceed to whine to you that I have not had time to do so. 

I've probably read most if not all of them at least 100 times already, but that is not the same at play-testing them. Here is my revised list that I mentioned in a previous post. These are in no particular order of preference. Some were not on the original list, but are now back on the table, some are new contenders.

• Fist-Full-of-TOWs 3

• Cold War Commander

• Modern Spearhead

• Pz8 1975-2010

• AK-47


• Combat Cards

• Command Decision: Test of Battle

• Flames of War

I will start with the rules that are am most familiar with (FFT3 and CWC), and then go from there. I might skip AK-47 because I've already had a game with them and have formed somewhat of an initial opinion.

You may notice the last two are WW2 rules. A number of folks have made home rules and stats for a modern version of CD:ToB, and there is some modern stuff out there for FOW, mainly if I stick to their Vietnam gamebook. My plan is to post the results of these games on my blog.

Any comments or suggestions on the size and composition of the games would be greatly appreciated!


  1. We actually ran an Warhammer fantasy minicampaign a few years ago around the theme of "a large wooden rabbit with wheels."

    Campaign background:

    The Battles of the Rabbit:

    A Cataclysmic Clash at the Convent:

    Shortly after that, however, my WFB Orcs were all converted into W40K Orks.

    On modern rules, I would urge consideration of the second edition of the (almost out of print) Wargames Research Group set. The first edition can be found for free here, but doesn't include all modern weapons systems (after all, they are 30 years old):

  2. GGG, I enjoyed reading your campaign!

    After reading your comment, I went home and searched. Lo and behold, I do have a copy of WRG Modern Rules, 2nd ed.! I will have to add it to the test battles. I also forgot about GHQ's modern rules.