Monday, August 5, 2013

Amazon Cavalry

I got a chance to do a little painting last night and finished these up. They are Lonegunman Games amazon cavalry mounted on Essex unarmored horses. Lonegunman bought up the Armies of Arcana line of fantasy miniatures. Originally, the mounted warriors had panthers for mounts. Panthers as mounts never appealed to me, so I was glad to find that Lonegunman sold the riders and the panthers separately. I have about a zillion Essex horses that I have collected over the years, so why not use them. A little modification was needed for a better fit between horse and rider, but it worked out fairly well. Also, I needed to bend the sword-bearing arms so that that all three could fit on the base. The rider on the far left has her arm in its original position. These were sort of a test paint. I have some more primed and am in the process of modifying one rider to hold a standard instead of her sword.

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