Thursday, July 31, 2014

Red Faction

I decided to increase the size of my xenomorph hoards. I ordered more from Khurasan Miniatures. This time I got two packs of their Space Demon Infiltrator Warriors. They have smooth heads, rather than ribbed heads, otherwise they have the same bodies as the ribbed ones. I am not sure what makes them "infiltrators" but who cares. Along with different heads, I decided to paint them a different color.  I was going to paint them the same way as the other guys, but rather than nail polish, I decided to use a shiny enamel.  Testors Red Flake looked like a winner:

I should have stuck to nail polish. It was not very flaky. It did have tiny flecks of gold, and I did my best to shake up the flecks, but I really couldn't see them once brushed them on. As an experiment, I diluted some gold paint and dry brushed it on some of the larger highlights, particularly the top of their heads. Here are the results of my work.

I am not quite as happy with these guys as I was with their gun-metal colored brethern, but they will do. Are they a different species of xenomorphs? Are they a sub-species? Do they work together or do they fight amongst themselves? The plucky citizens of Yogurt Town will have more to worry about.

Stop the Xeno-on-Xeno violence!

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