Thursday, February 19, 2015

Multihex Complete: the Twilight Zone Post

I thought I had posted the post just before this one. I even made a brief comment on January 23rd concerning it. You probably had no idea what I was referring to. So, I put it up just now, even though it was supposed to be up a month ago. I thought instead of just adding to it, I would make an update. The current polar vortex has reached down to NE TN and SW VA. Schools have been closed for a week including mine. So, I've had some time to work on things.

So, here is the multihex completed:

It is surrounded the smaller forest hexes and each road has a road hex added to its end.

I am not happy with it. It warped, particularly at the side were you can see the dark line where it connects with one of the road hexes. Also, I am having a hard time seeing figures being able to sit in the forest. There is only supposed to be no more than one figure in a hex at a time, but I am not sure they can accommodate even that.

Here are some close ups:

The small grey structure on the left side of the road is supposed to be a roadside shrine.

The verdict is that I won't be making any more of these multihexes unless I can think of some way of avoiding the warping.

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