Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The crack in my stomach (as my son calls it) from my surgery is healing, but I have not had much energy to do much. I started back to work last week, but it was basically, teach my classes and go home and crash. 

I am nearly finished improving on some old hills that I had made a long time ago (sorry, no pictures yet), and I thought I was pretty close to being ready for the first land battle of my campaign, but when I looked at my map, I discovered that I needed some paved roads, and some more dirt roads, and more river segments, and more forests.......ah-h-h-h!

Table top map for game

I THINK I can get it all done by this weekend, providing I have some spare time and I don't get all detail-ly, which I am prone to do. I also need to focus. I finished some trees for my friend Will, who is venturing into Warhammer Age of Sigmar, that I had started before all the medical issues erupted. As I finished them, a thought came into my head about making some houses for him. Nope, they will have to wait! I need to stay focused on getting things done for this game.


  1. I think the terrain requirements are what have kept me from playing anything but air and space games…I'm too lazy to set up the board.

    Here's to a speedy recovery.

  2. Thanks for the wishes.

    Many times I feel like just cutting up some felt for roads and rivers and play the game. BUT, a big part of me really enjoys the figure painting/converting and the terrain building.