Friday, January 8, 2016

Finished Bridge

I was a bad boy today. Instead of working on syllabi and other equally exciting stuff, I stayed home and finished the last bridge.  There were plenty of house chores to be done, and if it wasn't raining for much of the day, I would have done some needed outdoor work  (it got up to about 50°F today).

Here it is:

South African Samil trucks from Scotia Grendel 
View of other side with river segments added
Of the three, I am the least happy with this one only because one side warped. It was probably due to the air dry clay, but it didn't warp the previous bridge. But, it's not awful like those hexagonal river segments turned out. I also managed to knock out several more dirt roads. 

Here are the three together :

Papa Bridge,  Momma  Bridge, and Baby Bridge
I am done with bridges for the foreseeable future.  Now, I need to get some paved road segments done and maybe a few more dense forests.  I move ever closer to the day of battle!

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