Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bought the Farm(s)

I've had a little time at night to continue working on terrain pieces. This latest work has been on building farms. I scoured the web looking for what a typical non-Western farm looks like. In the US, Canada and Europe, there are typical farm buildings like a barn, but outside of these regions, all bets are off. I just decided to create what my own farms having gotten nowhere on the internet.

This is the one I finished last night:

I am particularly proud of the stairs. It took me almost as long to make those as the rest of the farm complex:

Here is one I made about a year ago:

I think my recent farm is a great improvement. It was a lot easier to use thin cardboard to make walls, and they look nicer, too. The polymer clay was very difficult to make them.

Why walled farms? Why not? I could probably also use them for walled parts of town.

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