Friday, March 2, 2018

Bovatopia Campaign: Lavonian Units Painted and Based

I've had most of these done for awhile now. The most recent to be finished are the infantry, which for me, is the toughest to do in 1/600 scale. Lavonia is the main opponent to Bovatopia. Although it sounds like a small central European country, there is an actual Lavonia. Its a small town in northern Georgia (as in Georgia, USA; not the Georgia south of Russia) just over the border with South Carolina. We pass by it whenever we are going to my daughter's tennis tournaments in Atlanta.

Leopard M1A1

Polish Rosomak wheeled IVF

Brazilian EE-9 Cascavel AC

Lavonian infantry with supporting Milan ATGM teams


  1. Don't show me these! I don't need to get into another scale.

    Seriously though, these look great; nice job.

  2. Very beautiful! The 1/600 scale is very interesting ...What rules do you use to play?

  3. Thanks for the compliment. I am open to pretty much any rules. My philosophy is that there is not such thing as a rule set restricted to one scale. I have yet to play a game :( but I am leaning toward Fist Full of TOWS, but there are several others that I am willing to try.