Friday, January 21, 2011

The Rise of the REALLY Tiny Machines

Here is another installment of my build up of 15mm sci-fi minis. This time I have painted more Terminator-like robots. Several different companies make android battle robots, but I like those made by The Scene. In my opinion, their robots seem to most closely resemble those of the Terminator movies. Of course, you may not want to go that route, but that was more what I was looking for. There are two types.

One type are the human sized robots. They are armed with some sort of blaster rifles:

The other the large sized robot. These are fire support troops. Notice that the heads are different from the smaller troops. The smaller guys have skulls for heads whereas heads of the big guys remind me of the ABC robot from the movie, Judge Dredd.

There is now a third type, but I unclear what the differences are between those and these two.

I painted and based them almost the exact way I did for the 28mm version of these: sprayed them silver, then washed them with my mixture of black India ink and acrylic floor wax. I painted the guns either olive green or gray, depending on the robot. For the bases, I used various bits and pieces of things, including some 15mm skulls by Peter Pig. The only difference is that instead of using acrylic caulk for the ground work like I did on the 28s, I used Sculpy polymer clay. I embedded the pieces into the clay and then baked them.

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