Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Border Crossing Part 3: Gate House Completed

Sorry for the really bad photos, but I was in a rush:

The guard house and sandbags are all out of polymer clay. Keeping with Gambusian architecture, the roof looks like a lot like an acorn. But wait! Its not! I couldn't find a small enough acorn cap that was intact, so I made it out of polymer clay.

Don't be fooled by any tutorial that tells you sandbags are easy to make. I never glued my figures together so much as I have making those sandbags.  I swear, I will never do sandbags again! Compared to the those on the watchtower made by C-in-C, they are way over scale. But I couldn't seem to make them any smaller using polymer clay. 

The gate is made out of various pieces of styrene plastic. I made it so it will raise and lower.

Now I am one step closer to fighting battles between Northern and Southern Chalupistan.

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