Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quick Update

Again, no pictures (booo!!!). July disappeared pretty fast, and August looks to be the same. Last week, I was visiting family in Chicagoland. I got rid of....I mean sent my Aunt-in-Law and her granddaughter back home to China via United Airlines. My main purpose of the trip was to go through all of my stuff that is still at my mother's house.

I sold off my collection of sci-fi books, and brought back a lot of board games. I did manage to play a game of Avalon Hill's Richthofen's War with my daughter and two nephews. It was a little too complex for my daughter and younger nephew, but it managed to be a fun game. It was an all-German free-for-all. My older nephew and I took rather mediocre planes, whereas my daughter and younger nephew got Fokker D-7s, which is the best plane in the game. Guess who one?

I also found a few old rule books. One of was GDW's System 7 Napoleonics. For two years, I went to Illinois State University, which was in Normal, Illinois. Normal was also home of Games Design Workshop. Back in the day, you could go to their office and buy their rules. I also bought the counters that went with them, but it seems like I lost them long ago. I also found Air Power by Lou Zocchi. As I recall, I tried it a few times and then ended up concatenating it with Fletcher Pratt's Naval rules to improve the air part of my naval games. 

Finally, I started to go through my father's things, namely his woodworking tools. My mother told me to take whatever I wanted, but when I stood there in his workshop, I felt like I didn't want to disturb anything; I didn't want to remove anything. Except for the extra dust, it looked like it was ready to be used at any moment. Mortality really hit home when I saw that there were some projects still left at various stages of completion. Our creations are our legacy, but time is too short to complete all the things we want to do.

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