Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shapeways Shops

There are a lot of folks at Shapeways who are pouring out minis. This includes those at the micro scale. Like others, I have not been overly impressed so far by the level of detail. Of course that has not stopped me from buying some. One thing that really bugs me about the Shapeways site is that their site really sinks in terms of navigation. I have yet to figure out how to get a list of shops that specialize in what I want. You have to search for a particular item. It just annoys me.

I came up with a list of various shops that offer micro scale miniatures. This list is rather biased toward my areas of interest. Furthermore, this is not meant to be a critique of the minis, nor do I compare prices.  I just complied this so you and I can more easily access the shops on Shapeways. If there any others that I've missed, please let me know.

New Aragon Mechanical Works
Designer: Carlos2k10 
Consists of 1/285 aircraft and mecha. Have a number of early interwar biplanes and jet fighters from the 50s and early 60s.

Dragoman's Depot
Designer: Dragoman
Has a variety of models including 1/600 and 1/300 (lists as 6mm). Aircraft ranges from the 1930s until now, with the majority being interwar. He has several interesting never-weres. His vehicles are an interesting mix, but the majority is 1980s Cold War. He seems to be starting a line of modern South Korean AFVs.

Objects May Appear... 
Designer: afrodri 
Large number of naval vessels in a variety of scales. If you want modern warships, this is the place to come! He has a smaller selection of aircraft, but some interesting ones such as the F7U Cutlass.

Tiny Thingamajigs
 Designer: matt_atknsn
Focuses WW2 naval ships. Has a few aircraft in 1/285 scale that include some modern jets and some interwar aircraft. He has a larger selection of aircraft in 1/600 scale, including helicopters.

 Masters of Military
Designer: masterofmilitary
Focuses mainly on 1/285 vehicles. A lot of WW2 never-weres and some modern civilian vehicles.

Arctic Skunk
 Designer: mpennock
A small selection of 1/285 early jet fighters.

Prairie Hawk Gamers
Designer: snowfox01
Very large selection of 1/285 aircraft with the bulk being early jets to modern. Some concept jets, too. Produces a lot of aircraft that can’t be found elsewhere. For example one of the few manufacturers that make a A-37 Dragonfly.

Kampfflieger models
Designer: kampffieger
He has a pretty large selection of aircraft at various scales. His microscale aircraft consist of early jet age, interwar, WW1, WW2 with a few WW2 experimentals thrown in.

Designer: panzergrey
1/350 scale WW1 buildings. I am not clear why he picked that scale, but says that his buildings should be compatible with 1/300. He is also willing to make them in other scales.

Big selection of Cold War 1/285 vehicles, but seems to be mostly minor WarPac nations, particularly engineering vehicles and trucks.

Fen Edge Wargaming
Designer: NickHawkins
Large selection of interwar and concept aircraft. The designer states that his aircraft are useful for Pulp and alternate-war kinds of games.Most that I see at his shop seem to be in that vein.

Federico's Shop 
 Designer: fgiunchi
A small shop, but has a bunch of terrain accessories that look very useful. For example, he has some storage drums in 1/285.

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