Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Holiday Find

Our annual Christmas visit to the homeland (Chicago) was very brief. My wife got almost no time off. The kids and I drove up and then I picked up my wife from the airport two days later. My mohter still insists on cooking our various traditional Christmas meals. This is nice, but at 85 year old, its getting harder to do everything. I spent my time, running around to various butcher shops and grocery stores picking up the items for the various meals. We were back on the road the 26th. No trips to Games Plus, or visiting old friends.

While hunting down some cooking pan in my mother's basement, I came across a old copy of Seapower II rules:

Apparently, I had opened them, but I don't remember spending any time reading them. I paid $12.95 for them, which for me at that time (late 70s) was a lot of money.  I never did get Seapower III, even though its says at the very bottom left hand side to ask for them. ALNAVCO still sells them, so if I like them,  I will take the plunge and get them.

This is likely my last post of this year, so happy holidays to you! May 2015 be a safe and happy one!


  1. Chris, do you still have those Seapower II rules and do you also have the dice that go with them? I've lost the dice to my copy of Seapower II and need a reference so I can make my own.

    I retired from SWCC last year. Sounds like we're in the same neighborhood.

  2. Hey Rowdy,

    I still have the rules but not the dice. I'm trying to jog my memory, but I'm not even sure that I ever had dice to go with them. I will take a look to see if I have anything more than what I posted.

    So, where do you live?


  3. Boardgame Geek has a photo of the dice, which confirms that I never got the dice!!!! :(