Monday, January 5, 2015

Rangers of the North Part 2

I've had a little free time in the evenings this past week, so I got some hobbying in. I was planning to work on my rivers, but I can't decide what materials to use to make the banks. Its coming down to plaster, or caulk. So, while I pondered this issue, I cracked open the paint bottles and painted up a few more rangers.

First up, a Splintered Light Miniatures figure from their Warriors of Nature range:

I should have stuck a ruler behind all these figurines, so you can compare sizes. They are a little small, about the size of the Chariot Miniatures rangers, and more slender. Not overly complicated, but very nicely sculpted.

Next is a different Demonworld Miniatures ranger from the one I showed in Rangers, Part 1:

He's got a Robin Hood thing going on. Maybe I should have added a mustachio a la Errol Flynn. The Demonworld figurines are bigger than the other lines, and this guy really seems to reflect that.

Finally, there are these rangers from a company that I now found out, thanks to the Google+ 15mm Fantasy community called Rank & File Miniatures.

They were produced by Ral Partha and came out at about the same time (as I recall) as their Battlesystem 15s. Apparently, their molds were destroyed along with the Battlesystem 15s...thank you Wizards of the Coast....not!!!

Rangers seem to in a variety of poses. Few of them actually fire their bows. They tend to be causal about things as seen above. Maybe that's part of the ranger mystique. What's with the whole mask thing? I am not sure why they need to hide their identities. Again, the ranger mystique?

Here is a group shot to compare sizes:

I will probably finish up this series with the remaining Splintered Lights left to paint, some Peter Pig wood elves that seem more ranger-like than elf like, and then the results of how I decide to base them.

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