Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Early Attempt at Making Microarmor

Along with the wooden buildings, I also found this little guy:

It's a German 20mm Flak 38 AA gun. I think it predates my wooden buildings. Back when I started gaming, there weren't a lot of microarmor weaponry out there. Maybe GHQ made a Flak 38, but if they did, the only gaming store in Chicago didn’t have it in stock.  So, I tried making one, which you see above. It's made from wire, cardboard and small wooden dowels for the wheels.  I  wasn't happy with it, but it often wound up in games.

In hindsight,  I  think I should have stuck with it in trying to make my own figures. I also tried sculpting my own 25mm fantasy figures in plasticine clay, of all things.  There were no tutorials that I could find at the library. After a while I got frustrated and gave up. That is the one aspect of my hobby tenure I regret.


  1. Having a figure like that is a trip down memory lane :)

    I wish I still had some of my very early miniature conversions but those figures are long gone unfortunately.

  2. You should see my 6mm infantry: pin heads stuck in cardboard squares...very cheap!