Friday, February 26, 2016

I "Like" Facebook Groups

Over the past few years, I've seen increasing criticism of The Miniatures Page as a forum for discussing miniatures and gaming. I've been a member since 2002, so I've seen it change over the years. I would largely agree with many of the criticisms, particularly pertaining to its use as a political soapbox for certain more vocal members. I've also seen more and more of a "snotty" attitude by posters when responding to a question posted by others. There are some other general miniature wargaming news sites, but they seem either not-so-general as in they focus on the more popular games (as opposed to covering different genres) that the cool kids are playing, or they are nothing more than advertisements for products.

Additionally, I've lost a lot of interest in Yahoo! Groups. I cannot pinpoint exactly why, but I rarely visit any of the Yahoo! groups I belong to anymore. Same goes with the groups in Google+. Many of these groups have become nothing more than free ads for certain miniature companies. I guess you can argue that no one posts, then at least it is something to look at.

Recently, I joined the 6mm Wargaming and Terrain group on Facebook. So far, I have been very happy with it. It has successfully avoided the problems with those groups I have mentioned above. Same goes with the Naval Wargaming group.  Hopefully, these issues will not pop up in the future.

If you are on Facebook, you might want to check them out.


  1. Online communities are always a bit dicey. I hang out a lot on the 15mm scifi G+ community and that's pretty active with people showing off their paint jobs, but I've been in others that had barely any activity.

  2. I hope the groups stay civil and on-topic for you.

    TMP… I refuse to go on there. If people acted the way they do there in person (like at a convention), I'd have an assault charge.

  3. As Orwell said in 1984, "Ignorance is Strength." Well, there are several over on TMP who are very strong in that category.