Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Battle Valor Games Miniatures

Battle Valor Games is a new company in the world of 15mm fantasy. They have a number of lines that have yet to be produced. I was not overly impressed by the photos of them, but they are the only company I know of that makes peasants in 15mm. I thought, why not, lets gets some and maybe use them for my upcoming Fantasy Rampant game at my school's Nerd Fest. To justify postage, I also ordered a Frigian Character pack.

This isn't meant to be a review (OK, maybe it is), but this is some quick impressions. I just got them, so all these pictures were taken right out of the box in my office. Also, being a little pressed for time, I didn't photograph all of them. First, I have to say that they are much better looking than the photos I've seen! They are on par with Splintered Light Miniatures.

Human Peasants
Some Frigian Characters
More Frigian Characters
Frigian Character Rider
Many groups ("Dwarves," "Elves," etc.; the names of their various races and peoples are altered so fit their fantasy universe) have a background story to them; the Frigians do not. Based on the pictures on the website, they look sort of Dark Age-ish (Anglo-Danes/Viking). The figures in the character packs would work well in any dungeon crawl game. Included are two mounted characters with corresponding foot figures. One is on a horse; the other rides a pegasus (not photographed).   Both riders come with round shields.

The peasants also look very nice. There does not appear to be any duplicates. There are both men and women who are going about their business. Many of the men hold farm implements.

There will be a rules system that is supposed to go with them, it seems to be a work in progress.

Will I buy more? Maybe. I have so much unpainted lead in the fantasy category, I don't know if I'll ever whittle the pile down. I like their "Dwarves" but I've got so many painted units already, plus I am sure there a bunch still waiting to be painted that is silly to buy more. I think I will wait until more of the lines become available and then decide.

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