Monday, April 18, 2016

Nerd Fest: I'm on a Road to Nowhere

Nerd Fest is coming up this weekend and I am so far behind! Ah-h-h-h!!!!

I've sort of checked out mentally from work and spent my afternoon making roads in my office:

They are about 50mm wide. I probably need another set of these. I hope that they are not too thin. I used a lot more caulk than I thought. It's the fast dry stuff that I've been using for my 6mm projects but at this size, it is difficult to spead. I do have some larger, cheaper tubes of caulk, but I couldn't find my caulk gun and I didn't feel like buying a new one at Walmart. I sprinkled some sand on them. Tomorrow morning, I'll paint them and put a brown wash on them.

I have not been able to find a scenario that I like, so I just decided this will be a big bash between armies.

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