Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Now I can now die a happy man! At last, after years of waiting, GHQ has FINALLY put out the US M103 heavy tank.

Of all the microarmor on my wish list, the highest on that list is the M103. Yes, both Heroics & Ros and Scotia have a model of the M103, but I've never been happy with them.

Why? OK, I'll tell you (cue flashback music)....
In my youth, my chums and I spent hours having epic battles involving our HO/OO Airfix miniatures and Roco minitanks. I had six or seven Roco tanks, but my favorites were like the Holy Trinity: the M47 medium tank, the M42 Duster AA, and the M103 heavy tank. They bore the brunt of many battles on the side of the forces of good. Something about the lines of both the M47 and the M103 that I really like. It's like the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. It had a lot of issues as a fighter, but it's a beautiful-looking bird.

Both GHQ and C-in-C has had the M47 out for a while. GHQ came out with the M42 about four years ago. But, no one made the M103 in 1/285 scale. As I said, I have not been really happy with either the Heroics & Ros and the Scotia versions, even though I own them. C-in-C has not put out much in the way of AFVs in a long time, so I had low expectations of them putting one out. GHQ, on the other hand, is constantly pouring out new models. What ticked me off was that they were often things like trailers. I'm sorry, but while trailers are important, they will contribute little to my games.

In my fictional campaign, Southern Chalupastan fields two battalions of the M103. There is even the vaunted Roco Division. It consists of a battalion of M103s, a battalion of M47s and uses the M42 Duster for AA support. When the M103 take the field, the North had better watch out!


  1. Can't go wrong with a M103- I've just finished a 1/72nd scale one as it happens.

    I can see myself mirroring the force in 6mm too.



  2. I just ordered them from GHQ. Its going to be a drop everything and paint them up!