Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Purchases From Chicagoland

Last week, I took the kiddies to visit my family in Chicago. My family actually lives in the suburbs, but unless you are from around there, you probably won't know the names of the towns. Anyway, I made my semi-annual trip to Games Plus Hobbies. I usually spend about an hour or so, wandering around, basking in the glow of all things gaming. I had not planned to but I ended up buying three items.

First, Team Yankee rules by Battlefront.

A lot of folks have been playing them using 6mm. I read through them a couple of time. I'm not exactly sure how they differ from Flames of War, but they seem easier to understand. I recall there were some things in FOW that I just didn't get, like artillery. Made more sense to me now. They only problem right now is that the weapon stats are for a few AFVs and such that were in NATO or Warsaw Pact. Hopefully they will expand it beyond that.

Next up is a game called Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games.

I've seen this for awhile. I thought I'd buy it and my daughter, nephews, and I could play it one night. That never happened.  Reading over the rules, it looks like a fun game, but it's hard to say until it gets played.

Finally, I bought some micro-scale banana trees. I don't remember who makes them.

They don't exactly look like banana trees, but they will due as some sort of palm tree. Looking at them, I can see how they were made. The makers of these took wire that is used to hang pictures up. It consists of a number of very fine wires that are twisted around each other like a cable. they unravelled them at one end at glued flocking to them. It seems, too, that they didn't bother spraying them with any sort of PVA glue to hold down the flock. There is flock coming off of some of the branches and the bases. Also, their bases are rather thick. I'll use them, but I'm not sure if they were worth the $12 I paid.

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