Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Test Shots

I am pretty tired of taking pictures of my figures on my workbench, so I set up a photography station using some work lamps and LED bulbs based on a member of the Facebook 6mm miniatures group. Initially, I had a white cloth backdrop, but the picture came out too yellow. I bought sheet medium grey cloth that seemed to work a little better. I think the type of bulbs are what give the pictures a yellow hue. Here are some test shots using various 15mm fantasy figures.

Essex Late Medieval with sculpted shield
The knight above was photographed with the white dropcloth as a background. Both he and background have a yellow hue to it.

Same background but I color corrected it. This is  much what it naturally looks like, except it seems like it was a little desaturated.

Ral Partha Lady Paladin
Here is another with a white background. Again, color corrected.

Below are photos taken with the grey dropcloth. I did use the color correction mode in Photoshop, but differences were not nearly as dramatic.

Demonworld magic user

Essex fantasy foot knight

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