Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mayhem on the Painting Table

School starts Tuesday, so I've been trudging away at syllabi. Last week, I had a game of Blood Bowl with my friend Will. For a Games Workshop game, I enjoyed it. He is wanting to put together a league. I am not sure if I can play every week, but I am seriously thinking of giving it a go.

The big blizzard that was supposed to hit us hard turned out to be not as back as it could have been. With nowhere to go and stuck inside, I got a chance to do some painting. I am scrambling to get bunch done for the Federal Republic of Gambusia Defense Force.

The poor Reaper bugbear will have to wait.

Now I have to find where I put all my finished infantry stands! Not where I thought they would be. I found this guy on the floor by my table:

A deserter? I will need to interrogate him to find out where his comrades are!

Additionally, the General ordered all AFVs of the Northern Chalupistan army to change to a new paint scheme (Command Directive 3.1415). This was ordered, no doubt, to make all army vehicles have a similar camo scheme as that of the air force. I never liked the various paint schemes I tried for the Northern army, so I decided to repaint them to parallel the air force. It's a khaki tan with camo stripes of green. BUT, I hate stripping paint, and Simple Green is not living up to its legendary prowess.

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