Friday, February 3, 2017

Kiowa Warrior

During my search for the missing painted up infantry units, I found this guy and his brother primed and sitting in a storage drawer. His bro had his Hellfire missile rack broken off, so he is still unpainted. It's from GHQ.

These are designated for the Federal Republic of Gambusia. Not sure why they would have them, but I've already painted them in the FRG's standard aviation color of Vallejo Green Brown. I really like this color and if I had paid attention to it earlier, I would have used it for Southern Chalupastan. But alas, I am not going to strip battalions of tanks and APCs. It was ugly enough doing it for about 18 APCs.


  1. Looks deadly, and that's a great color.


  2. Thanks. Yeah, I really like the color too. Too bad I buried the paint bottle for so long.