Monday, February 27, 2017

Thinking About Nerd Fest 2017

It's never too early to plan for what is for me, the only "gaming" convention I go to. Our spring semester ends early this year, so Nerd Fest isn't that far down the line. First, should I put on another mass fantasy battle, or do something different? As an alternative, I was thinking about a WWII microarmor game. I envision a very loose interpretation of the Battle of the Bulge...emphasis on very loose interpretation. Basically, the Germans have three or four objectives and must accomplish them in a set number of turns that represents when their fuel and supplies run out. I'm not sure what rules I'd use, but something that is fast and easy for participants to pick up.

If I do put on another fantasy game, I might have a different scenario that involves more participants. Also, do I stick to my slightly modified version of Dragon Rampant, or give another rule set a go? I am sort of leaning toward sticking with Dragon Rampant since I know from last year what worked, what didn't, and how fix what didn't.

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