Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year's Progress

Not a whole lot of work has been done so far this new year. The crappy weather, which prevented spraying miniatures, and having to prepare for a new semester meant that I've had little time to engage in hobby activities. A few things have been completed nonetheless.

First up, a M113 (CinC) with a Panhard AML 90 turret (GHQ). Even though GHQ models are slightly larger than CinC, it seemed to work pretty well.

I started this project before Christmas break, but finally finished it off the other day. Among my purchases over break from Games Plus Hobbies in Chicagoland, I bought some various washes to test. For this model, I used Secret Weapon Washes:

It was way too opaque straight out of the bottle! So I diluted it with some Future floor finish. Even then, I had to go back over it with some light strokes of the original olive green paint. An interesting and unexpected result was that the wash dried flat.  I also bought a bottle of Vallejo wash and plan to experiment with that soon.

Next up are more Bovatopian 1/600 vehicles. Until the last day or so, its been either near zero temperatures, or been raining around here; neither optimal conditions for spraying outdoors. A brief letup allowed me to spray some new figures with paint and spray some finished ones with Dullcoat. From left to right: Swedish Pvpj 90mm recoilless rifle mounted on a TGB 111 light truck (looks more like a golf cart to me), Bofors 40mm AA in action mode, Bofors 40mm in travel mode, Russian GAZ 66 trucks.

Not shown are some 15mm fantasy figures that I prepped using Vallejo's primer. I am always looking for an alternative to spray primers, which I prefer but weather is an issue. Last week, I broke down and ordered one of those static grass box applicators. I am not overly optimistic, but videos I've seen of them in action make me think that maybe I can finally use up that big container of static grass that I have.