Thursday, June 10, 2010

The New Table is Now Operational

The New Table

I don't have everything on there, but its now ready to be used!

An open house was attended by a few guests:

The Unfinished Vampire Queen Welcomes the Guests

Guests Chatting and Examining the New Facilities

Big Karl and Bambi Admiring the New Glue Station

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  1. This looks great! It's much more organized than my hobby space. I spy the bin with the turquoise handles... I have a bunch of those in various sizes, and I love them. They stack really nicely, and I can see everything that's inside. I also like the bins made by Snapware, because the lid has a handle, so it's very convenient for taking stuff with me (plus you can add or subtract bins to this so you can take just one little bin or a whole interconnected stack).

    I also love the open house. :D I see the Vampire Queen has put on her good boots for the occasion and that Big Karl and Bambi have an appropriate level of appreciation for Aleene's Tacky Glue, which is one of the handiest things ever.