Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Table Update

Yesterday, I put up my new table (sorry, no pictures). On the plus side, its very long, on the down side, its very long. If you look at the picture from the previous post, there isn't a whole lot of room to begin with. Double the size of the old table and that becomes a problem. The new table really sucks up a lot of real estate. Its not a tiny room, but we also have a TV, coffee table and small couch in there. Second problem is with my light. The light that I have now is one of those that has a vise that attaches to the edge the table and the lamp slides into. Well, it does...sort of. The table is plastic and a slippery and soft one at that. I attached the vise opposite to where I would sit and then inserted the lamp inot the vise. The lamp is so heavy that when I extend the arm to an optimal lighting position the whole thing bent from the vise. I'm sure that the slippery plastic will cause the vise that holds the lamp to slip out. Disaster will result!

I am more sentimental about this old lamp than my old workbench. I've had this lamp for well over 30 years now. It was my Uncle's lamp when he was a graphic artist. They don't make 'em like they used to. That is why its so heavy. I really don't want to get a new one, but I will probably have to find a lamp that is on a pedestal. I could anchor the old lamp at one end of the table, and that way I would not have to extend it very far, but the point is that I want to sit at the middle of the table, not at one end.

I've been thinking of getting one of those OTT lights, but I will try to find a way to better anchor the old light.

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