Sunday, June 6, 2010

Retirement of an Old Friend

The Old Workhorse

After 16 years of use, I finally decided to retire my old workbench. above, and move up to a larger one.

The old one is a 3' x 3' table that my wife used as a table before we were married. Once we got married, I inherited it as my workbench.

The problem with it is that, first, I'm a slob and there was always a ton of stuff always strewn about it. Second, even if I weren't a slob, there was little room to put paints, storage boxes, etc. Very few things were at my easy reach, and I always ended up with a work space the size of a postage stamp. You can probably figure out where that was on the table based on the concentration and location of paint splatterings.

So, I bought a 6' folding table. It is long enough to put more storage boxes and drawers on top of it, and I plan to have some plastic storage drawers on either side of me.

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