Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sheep Pen


I am trying to make some stone walls. They are proving to be very frustrating; it reminds me too much of making sandbags. This was made out of coarse model railroad ballast that I built up in layers. The walls did not come out even. That is OK for a sheep pen, but not if I want to make walls for a farm. Also, it is rather time consuming.

There are lots of tutorials out there for making stone walls for larger scales, but nothing I could really find for microscale.


  1. These look good but you are right: walls are tedious.

    Here's my recommendation… make a small wall section using the ballast like you did here. Mix up equal parts 100% silicone caulk and cornstarch with a drop of acrylic paint. Slather the silicone/cornstarch mixture on the wall section and let sit 1-2 hours. Then, peel the silicone off your wall and you have a simple one-piece mold. Use Durham's Water Putty and mass produce!

  2. Thanks Pahoota! I will give that a try. What does the acrylic paint do?

    1. The acrylic speeds the silicone reaction but with that much cornstarch it's unnecessary and more for coloring. With that much cornstarch (1:1 ratio) you'll have to act relatively quick; it'll set in ~5 minutes! The nice thing is you can start casting in 1 to 2 hours.

  3. Cool. I'll see if I can give it try this week. My last week of relative freedom before school starts.

  4. They look great, but sheep!? I thought you were in VA, not West Virginia ;)

    But I admire your discipline; that type of 'scatter' really adds to the game table. I keep saying I'm going to do stuff like that, but I never do...


  5. Plenty of sheep in SW Virginia!

    Sometimes I think spend too much time on this sort of thing and not nearly nearly enough on gaming.