Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Gaming Plans for the Holidays

Ahem.....probably not. We go and visit my family up north in Chicago on Sunday. My father isn't doing too well lately, so despite the miserable weather that has just hit us here in eastern Tennessee, we are determined to go. I will probably bring all of my 1/600 aircraft with to have another duel with my nephew against my friend Karl. I will try to make sure that we stick closer to the rules this time. I'm sure Karl will fuss about that!

Dwelling on modern air combat rules, AirWar: C21 in particular, I noticed that in order to successfully target in on an opponent, you have to slow down. That doesn't make sense, does it? Or, are we not following the rules properly? Something that I missed? Well, all the more reason to re-read the rules while in Chicago.

Lately, I've really had the bug to start sculpting. I guess I've had it for awhile but there have been a micro-flurry of postings on a Yahoo sculpting group on 6mm sculpting. It really gave me the bug. But, like everything else, will I find the time? Odds are no. The other night, by 5-year-old daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her some time to work on my soldiers. She said that I could, so long as neither she nor my wife were home. Then it was OK.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It is the last week of the semester before final exams. I have been siting in my office for hours now, doing nothing but get caught up on grading. I have not had the time to grade various tests, so there was a major backlog. Our department just finished a job search, and it really burned me out. When I step back from it all, it doesn't seem like it was a tremendous amount of work. Its not like I've been digging ditches for a month straight. But, it still seems draining.

About the only thing I've done, hobby-wise, is primed a bunch of 1/600 jets that I recently ordered. I've started using gesso as a primer. It seems to dry a lot thinner than a spray primer. My only worry is that since it is an acrylic, it might easily rub off.