Friday, February 8, 2019

15mm Wizard and Barbarian

I've painting a whole lot of fantasy figures lately. I think these two were from the old Rank and File miniatures, which were made by Ral Partha and went the way of extinction along with Ral Partha's own 15mm line. I probably should have taken some pictures of them with some other 15s for comparative purposes, but they look a little taller and heftier than the other 15s I have.

I am particularly happy with the barbarian. After probably about 40 years (!) of trying to get the shading and highlighting of skin down for half-naked barbarians right, I think I've hit on a formula that I am happy with:

1. Base coat of some sort of middle flesh. I've used both a craft paint flesh color, or Army Painter's Barbarian Flesh

2. Paint all shadows with a slightly thinned down Burnt Sienna.

3. Highlight with Vallejo's Basic Skin Tone

4. Apply a wash of Army Painter's Light Tone wash. I've experimented with Army Painter's other washes, but the others seem to make everything a little too dark.

5. If need be, re-highlight with the Basic Skin Tone, but only the most raised points and slightly thin down the paint.

6. Once dry, spray with a clear flat. Lately, I've been using Krylon's clear flat and its seems to do just as good a job as Testor's Dullcoat at much less the price per size of can. The flat spray along with the AP wash seems to help pull and almost blend together the various shades and highlights.

I didn't think I would, but I find that I like the flat finish on the metallic parts of the figures.

I am chugging along with the fantasy figures, but I think I'll take a break and will soon have another microarmor test battle. I think I am going to try out Cold War Commander.