Friday, December 29, 2017

New Years Gaming Resolutions

This is probably my last post for 2017. Tomorrow, I am heading off to Louisville, Kentucky for my daughter's USTA Junior's tennis match. While visiting my family in Chicagoland, I went to Games Plus Hobbies in Mt. Prospect, Illinois and bought about $80 of stuff I probably don't need. I also scored a can of Krylon Olive Green from a nearby hardware store. Why they sell this stuff in a Chicago suburb but not in rural Tennessee is beyond me.  Anyway, on to resolutions.

My resolutions? I have only one:

Play more games.

Happy New Years to all!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Shapeways 15mm Fantasy Figures

I thought I had posted this a while ago, but I only posted one of them. Here is the complete set of 15mm fantasy characters from Small Ox Miniatures all painted up. Small Ox Miniatures is a Shapeways shop that specializes in 15mm and 28mm figures.

L to R: female paladin, dwarf, male magic user, female thief/assassin
Not too bad looking. Their heads seem sort of big. Something about how they are "sculpted" seems different from traditional miniatures, but I can't put my finger on it. Nonetheless, I like them. My bases didn't turn out well. They are supposed to be on cobblestone, but it looks like crap. I bought two more that will be character figures.

Monday, December 11, 2017

News From Bovatopia

Headlines from Sunday's paper:

Sunday, December 10, 2017

T-34/85 in 1/600 scale

My project continues much slower than expected. This has not turned out to be the quick slap on the paint and get them on the game board project I had thought. Part of the problem is that the weather has not been conducive to spraying. It's been either too cold or too humid to spray paint outside. The biggest issue has been flocking. I can't put my finger on why it is, but it's a pain in the you-know-where to flock them. Here is some finished T-34/85 tanks ready to go.

I am using Krylon and Rustoleum Camo spray paints. Originally, I painted a few of them khaki, but at that size, it didn't look any different from the pale green (Rustoleum's Army Green) that I am using for the opposition. Krylon makes a camo olive, which I would have preferred over the pale green, but none of the home improvement stores nor Walmart sells it. So, I used sand instead, and is now the official colors of Bovatopian ground units. Frankly, I am not in the mood to be all that picky.

Notice that the flock is rather uneven on the stands. I used PVA glue (Elmer's white glue). In some places the flock stuck; in other places, it didn't.

On a positive note, I found that Krylon clear flat is almost as flat as Testor's Dullcoat. Around these parts, Dullcoat is hard to get. A can of the Krylon is the same price as the Dullcoat for more than double the amount of paint.