Thursday, November 10, 2016

Game-related Software Links

Andrew Bruce of 10mm Wargaming has kindly posted a very nice list of links to software related to wargaming. Ranges from campaign managers to map makers. Worth checking out.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Been Very Busy

I've been pretty busy with school and family. I have been able to do some work, mainly on the third nation on the mini-continent of Gambusia, the Federal Republic of Gambusia. The FRG has been a somewhat minor player in my campaign so far (such as it is), but with the new line of 80s British infantry from Heroics & Ros, I decided to make their army more complete. I couldn't figure out for the longest time what nationality of infantry I wanted to represent them. The FRG is mostly armed with British AFVs, with some French stuff thrown in. Being that they are a relatively poor nation, pretty all modern infantry on the market seemed too modern, and WWII infantry looked too dated, even at microscale. I think the 80s Brits fit the bill. I am now painting them up along with finishing their APCs and tanks.

Additionally, H&R has put out some 80s Soviet infantry, including paratroopers. My Northern Chalupistan army is pretty much complete, but they have the SPG-9 among their various support weapons. I bought a few of those and will use them instead of my homemade ones, which look huge! Fear not, the homemade ones will fall into the hands of my generic rebel army (also a work in progress) and be stuck on pickup trucks as well as be on tripods. I put too much work on those monsters for them not to be used.

I will have a post on these various things hopefully soon.