Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Battle Valor Miniatures

I've been painting some 15mm fantasy figures. Here are some from Battle Valor Games. I posted on them awhile ago, but these are the first that I've painted up. As I've said before, they are very nicely sculpted.

I guess I'm a sucker for dwarves. I have a huge army of them already, but I ordered a bunch more from Battle Valor. I need to compare them with some of the other makers of dwarves. I think they might be a little larger than the old Ral Partha ones, or the Grenadier (now Mirliton) ones that make up the bulk of my dwarf army.

Dwarf Hero Riding Bear

Usually, I paint bears a little darker using a burnt Sienna, but I wanted a lighter, more yellow brown after looking at a bunch of bear pictures on the internet. I remade the rein that the dwarf was holding out of thin paper. The original looked funny. This is before I flocked the base.


If you place an order of any size, you get a free, special edition figure for that month. I thought I was getting a different wizard, but this is the guy I got. That's fine because I don't have any bad guy magic users except for an orc shaman. Being lazy, when I sprayed my Northern Chalupistan AFVs a khaki camo, I also sprayed the fantasy figures the same color, too. This spray paint works well as a primer. The khaki color seemed to fit well for this guy's tunic. I then painted his weird hoodie-scarf gray.

He had this semi-undead, mummy vibe going on, so I mix a pale caucasian skin tone with a light gray. It worked well. I used one of my wife's metallic nail polish for his sword. I have no clue what is on top of his staff. It sort of reminded me of a misshapen asparagus head, so I painted it green. I did my usual wash using black mixed with clear Future floor finish, but I didn't bother to put any highlights on other than on the face and fingers.  I haven't decided what to do about his base yet.

Necromancer vs. Dwarf Hero

Friday, October 20, 2017

Hail Bovatopia!

I have not posted in a long time....I know, my usual opening sentence. I have been working on a bunch of stuff both for my Gambusia campaign and doing a little 15mm fantasy painting.

So, I get onto PicoArmor site to order some 3mm aircraft, then I start looking at the 3mm AFVs and such.

Then, I think, "why not get some armor?"

What am I, nuts? All I need is another project! Why the madness? Well, some of my colleagues at work have sort of come up with a new fictional nation, Bovatopia.

Hail Bovatopia!
It's a running joke among us based on a student's exam essay where he described a region in the USA that has high cattle production as Bovatopia. For all we know, it might be real but I have not found anything on it on the internet. I ran with it including the flag above. Bovatopia is set in the same world as my microcontinent of Gambusia, but is on the Asian mainland. Is it the homeland for all bovines escaping persecution and the slaughter house, or is a nation whose citizens really like cows? Not really sure yet.

Instead of buying more 6mm, I thought maybe I would invest in some 3mm ground units for some battles.  I wasn't planning to put a lot of work into, though that is what I say about a lot of hobby projects. I would be a sort of side show, plus a potential ally of one of the three nations on Gambusia.

Hopefully this is a passing fancy.