Friday, March 10, 2023

Fruits of my Labors: the Bad Guys

I have not been posting much at all. This is the third post of 2023! That does not mean I've been doing nothing. In fact, I've been continuing my painting frenzy that I mentioned in my first post in January. All of these "leftover" figures have been mounted on single bases. I have been wanting to do some actual gaming, but I feel somehow compelled to get as many of these extra minis done. However, I am definitely beginning to burn out on painting. I think I will finish up a few units and then take a break for awhile.

Here is the first part of many figures I have completed.


Rank and file warriors

Line breakers


These represent about a third of the total number of Orcs that I've painted. They are all Splintered Light with the exception of a Chariot Miniature Orc that I snuck in the top picture. 


Again, Splintered Light. a combination of their original Hyena Men and their newer sculpts where they call them Gnolls.

D&D Bad Guys
Steve the Mindflayer and his pals

I got these from Khurasan Miniatures. The only one that I'm disappointed with is the Naga. I think the sculptor could have put in some more details like scales. Of the three, the Umber Hulk is my favorite.