Thursday, July 26, 2012

Busy July

This post isn't meant to just post something for July........OK, I lied, it really is.

July has been super hectic. Not to go into details, but the culmination of stress by in-laws occurred last week on our nightmare vacation to Florida. What went wrong did. This weekend, I take two of them to the airport to go home. That should relieve some of the stress that both my wife and I have been experiencing (this has been a good case of "careful what you wish for"). I had a  bunch of other activities going on, sadly, two of which were funerals. I have managed to get a few hobby-related things done, I just have not had the time to take some pictures.

1. Found the missing hatch. Actually found by a niece-in-law. That partially makes up for her almost daily temper tantrums that we have had to endure.

2. Finished the border crossing. Once again learned that making sandbags in 1/300 scale is a major pain.

3. Got a big order in from Heroics & Ros and C-in-C to make up a modern Australian reinforced mechanized infantry battalion. I've primed them, now I need to paint them. Heroics & Ros' Australian Bushmaster is pretty nice looking. I am still deciding if GHQ's modern Chinese will be good stand-ins for Australian infantry.
4. Finished a small house for 15mm sci-fi using one of the scratch-built doors I posted on earlier.

Pictures of some and/or all will be up sometime soon.