Monday, September 27, 2010

Been a Download'n Fool Today

I planned to take some pics of my newest project, but a bunch of things took priority this weekend. One of which is downloading software. I've been trying to download a bunch of image-analysis software for a research project that I am doing with some udergraduate students. Sort of frustrating,both in terms of the software and the students, but I am getting there. I hope to get some pictures tonight.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Minis Come out of the Closet

About four years ago, my wife got a new job in a town almost 2 hours from where we now reside. We were so certain that we were going to move closer to where she worked, we packed up probably about 75% of all our stuff. This included all of my books and 15mm fantasy figures. Well, my wife as another new job that is closer to home, so we are still in our old house. I finally decided to haul out all of my packed away miniatures. To took me two days to do it. I counted about 14 plastic shoe boxes full and another 10 plastic pencil boxes full of painted minis. When it was all said and done, the metal wire shelf that I bought recently was almost completely filled. I also found about 20 baby food jars worth of unpainted 15s. This is in addition to the large box I have of them. I guess that because its been such a long time since I had them all out, that I was a little overwhelmed at their numbers