Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Chocobos Finished

I finally finished them. They were a somewhat rushed job, but I'm pretty happy with the way they came out. I painted the base colors and then gave them a wash of black diluted with Future acrylic floor wax. Then sprayed with a clear, flat paint. My biggest decision was how to base them. Ideally, I wanted them mounted two to a base, but it didn't look practical. So, I just left them on the washers that I used to paint them.

This more-or-less ends my work on fantasy figures for awhile. As I mention in several previous posts, I'm getting burned out on them. I hadn't planned to be painting as many figures as I did for my planned War Between the Barbarians. This is the first time you're hearing of this? I've sort of mentioned it in previous posts. Basically, I have a big box of ancient Britons/Celts that were painted up as proxies for fantasy barbarians. Since then, I've been building up fantasy barbarian units with Demonworld and Copplestone figures.  I've been thinking about selling the Celts, but before I do, I wanted to have a battle using them. 

In my old D&D world, which is the background setting for all fantasy battles I have, there are these barbarians called the Bruins that live in the northern wastes. The southern tribes have become more "civilized" by settling down, and some tribes have even set up kingdoms. The northern tribes have maintained their barbaric identities and still pride themselves for raiding soft. civilized peoples. A brutal but charismatic chieftain named Wojhan has united the northern tribes and wants to "liberate" the southern tribes from their civilized ways. He has recruited allies including Gnolls and Beastmen. The campaign is a sort of a prequel to the current setting of my D&D world. During this time, the southern Brunnic kingdoms are not yet completely independent and still maintain some loyalty to a high king. Eventually I will have at least one battle, but I'm not sure when.