Thursday, July 11, 2019

More Fantasy 15s

My postings on this blog have really tanked. Its not that I haven't done anything hobby related, its more a matter that I have not had the time to post things.

I've been cramming, so to speak, to finish up my 15mm fantasy barbarian project. It is never going to be really finished, but I want to get to the point of, "enough with the painting!" I am at the burn out point with painting fantasy figures, and I want to get back to 6mm and 3mm gaming (emphasis on GAMING). I think I am close to that goal. Here are my recent pieces:

Barbarian Chief on Beastman Chariot

I combined a Demonworld barbarian riding on a Khurasan beastman chariot. I've been looking for some sort of fantasy chariot for the barbarian to ride and this fit the bill.

The Scarlet Sorcerer and His Minions
These I painted up for my son. With the exception of the velociraptors, which are from Khurasan miniatures, these are all a hodgepodge of figures sitting around in my storages boxes.
Scarlet Sorcerer

His hentchmen

Mounted guards

Red Ninjas

Palace guards

Pet Velociraptors