Friday, February 12, 2021

Fantasy Skirmish Game with my Son

About two weeks ago, I had a skirmish battle with my son. Orcs vs. Good Guys consisting of humans and a couple of dwarves. We played on top of a large plastic storage box that was ideal for a skirmish game. We used his rather random rules that are loosely based on our 15mm sci-fi skirmish rules.

Here's the happy goblin and his army of bad guys. The big, ogre thing is on top of their makeshift stronghold:

First couple of turns. Good guys moving out to engage the baddies:

View from the bad guy's side. The ogre watches the enemy. For some reason, the ogre was not allowed to move unless he rolled a 3 or 4. My son's idea, not mine:

The ogre finally rolled a 3 on his activation dice and joined his fellow orcs. Combat then begins! A human paladin (maybe an elf, not sure) is dispatched by an orc!

Next turn. On the good guys’ left flank, the wizard zaps an orc. On the right flank, a human (the Sensitive Pit Fighter Dude) and two dwarves battle the orcs, taking down an orc:

Fierce fighting on the left flank as Sir Partner (yes, that is his name) fends off three orcs while the wizard prepares another spell:

The clash of steel could be heard on the right flank! Two dwarves and the Sensitive Pit Fighter Dude do battle some orcs. Two more move up to join the fight:

One of the dwarves and an orc manage to take each other out:

Meanwhile, Sir Partner is a fighting machine! He takes out one of the three that he was fighting:

The Paladin fights an orc and the wizard is attacked by another orc:

Back on the right side, the dwarf and pit fighter are holding their own, but two other orcs are about to join the fight: 

Another view of the action. The ogre seems to be taking his sweet time getting there:

In an unexplained turn of events, one of the orcs is somehow teleported to the top of the Good Guys' very unfinished stronghold:

On the right, the human pit fighter goes down. On the left, the ogre finally joins the battle:

As a result, the other paladin goes down:

But the wizard casts a resurrection spell and he lives to fight again! Yay!

The revived paladin strikes a deadly blow to the ogre while the wizard zaps him at the same time. The result is a dead ogre! More yay!!

But oh no! Sir Partner and his orc opponent kill each other!

Cheer up! A second resurrection spell saves Sir Partner!

On the right, the second dwarf goes down but managed to take out an orc. One orc still standing:

Seeing the ogre dead and the wizard managing to resurrect warriors, the orcs turn and run:

Sir Partner and the paladin catch up to them and kill another one:

The one orc turns to fight and sadly kills our paladin before running away:


End of the battle. The orc on the top of the good guys' fort surrenders. Sir Partner and the wizard have mercy and let him run away.